18 Male Tramp Stamps That Hurt Your Head

We have probably been living under a rock because we’ve never heard of the term tramp stamp before. When did that term come up? How long has that been a thing? Well, by way of the good old looking it up on our best friend Google, we’ve found out that tramp stamps are just another term for lower back tattoos. You know, the ones thaat right above the butt. Girls are usually known for having tattoos down there there, but hey, even guys are in on the trend as well. However, for those of us that do have tramp stamps, we would most likely question your taste when it comes to tattoos. For these guys that do have them down below, we could only ask them one thing: What were they thinking?

1. A Literal Tramp Stamp

We’re not sure if this guy wants to prove anything, but all we know is that he’s proving to everyone that’s he’s got a tramp stamp on him. A grade-A, certified, tramp stamp. Hopefully he isn’t proud of this, because he’s definitely on the weird end if he is.