Saudi Attacked

What is wrong with these people???

At least a couple people were declared dead after two men wielding suicide bomb belts entered a Shia Mosque while Friday prayers were on going in eastern Saudi Arabia.

One of the suicide bombers was able to detonate inside the mall. Since the other was covering fire, he was prevented from detonating himself.

The attacks caused the death of two and injured 7, according the interior ministry. Although some security officials claimed the death toll was 3.

A civilian had been a witness to the whole ordeal. He told the media that the security forces, as well as medical troops, responded quickly were able to surround the premises at the fastest possible time.  He thought that the casualties would rise but fortunately, it was kept to a minimum.

Videos and photos of this disaster circulated around social media. Some of the footages even showed at least three people lying unconscious near the incident. Another video showed the authorities firing in the air to disperse the onlookers while they apprehended one of the suspects.

Shias make up the minority of the Sunni-ruled kingdom. They make up 10-15% of the entire population. Many of whom are living in the oil-producing eastern side. It is interesting to note that they have previously been a target of attacks by the Islamic State which view the Shias as heretics.

Saudi has been into a lot of diplomatic and safety issues lately. Just earlier this month, Saudi had a row with Iran as the latter accused the former of striking its embassy in Yemen. Iran claimed that a Saudi-led coalition deliberately attacked, through an airstrike, the Iranian embassy in Yemen and because of this, Saudi has violated all international conventions beamed at protecting diplomatic missions.

While Saudi has already started to look into this, they also severed their ties with Iran after their embassy has been attacked in Yemen. Both countries are supporting different sides in the Yemeni war.

Another group that’s worth looking into is the Islamic State. They have generated waves of terror across the globe as they have graduated from an extremist into a full blown terrorist group after orchestrating several bombings and murders across Europe and in the Middle East. They have earned the dire of the world after they posted a video online showing their brutal execution of a prisoner-of-war from Jordan. Not long after that, they also executed a couple journalists. They were also linked to the recent bombings Paris and mass executions all over the world.

So far, no group or individual has claimed responsibility over the attack in Saudi.

For everyone’s sake, let’s hope that this will be resolved in a peaceful manner and whoever is responsible can be caught right away. The world is getting a bit scarier. Our enemies are no longer are just extremists but are really hard core terrorists who just enjoy seeing the world scramble in chaos. They are no longer bound by any code and would inflict harm as easily as if it’s part of their daily routine.