15 Odd Rules Disney Employees Must Obey

Disney is successful, and he has established almost everything around us. It may not seem like it, but his works are part of our lives and shaped who we are. He’s famous, but we don’t pay that much attention to him, and that is for a reason. And having to work for him may even be a privilege for some. But his fame is unlike those of celebrities and he is meticulous in everything that he does. And so, his employees must also follow certain rules and regulations in order to meet his demands. And so, here are 15 of the odd ones that we are able to get.

1. Odd Rules From Disney #1: No Ponting of Fingers

Pointing fingers, is not that welcome in Disney employees for two reasons. Mainly because pointing with one finger is considered rude in some cultures. Two fingers are easier to see than one. One may not have the need to point fingers, but for cast members, as the employees are called, they have to be mindful if ever they will have to.