15 Times Celebrities Were Caught In Lies

Celebrities are always looking at their backs for a reason, and that’s not only because there are paparazzi lurking, but because they are also keeping juicy secrets that just cant go out, but these unlucky few had it, and they were not too happy about it. Check it out and see if they dd deserve to be treated that way or not. Here are 15 of celebrities that were caught lying.

1. This Lying Celebrity That Got Caught #1: Justin Bieber

Sure, yeah, not a lot of people like JB, since he was handed his fam and wealth on a silver platter, he has been acting like a complete jerk and is well, a brat to be honest. And there was this one time where he claimed that his laptop was stolen that was said to be containing new music material, and of course, fans were curious, but then, a nude photo leaked and it turned out that it was all just a publicity stunt to promote his new track at the time “Beauty and a Beat”.