19 Times ‘People At Walmart’ Scarred You For Life

Walmart is pretty much like your everyday grocery store, convenience store, and drugstore all in one. So you can probably say that this place has everything one could imagine, well, almost everything, anyway. But among that ‘everything’ we’re talking about, also includes the people who frequent the place. Some are normal, some are weird, some are intense, and some are just straight up super weird. In fact, you might not be able to unsee what you’ve just seen whenever they come your way. Prepare to be weirded out because these people are just strange.

1. Into The Wild

Sometimes, what would just be bizarre when one walks into Walmart is to see someone, or in this case, two people, wearing matching animal print onesies. Suddenly, it all makes sense that Walmart is some kind of jungle, and the two of them are among the wildlife included.