Triple H Wins Royal Rumble 2016

And the new WWE Royal Rumble champion is Triple H! Was that even necessary? Apparently, a lot of people, fans and not fans alike, already saw that coming. Nevertheless, the show pulled off an incredibly entertaining event considering how floppy Royal Rumble was for the past few years.

So what went down during the 2016 WWE Royal Rumble? Find out the most fascinating moments and what fans and sports critics had to say! Check them all out here:

1. The Returning Triple H Won the Royal Rumble

Remember when Triple H publicly announced that he will be competing in the Royal Rumble solely because Roman Reigns doesn’t deserve the title? Apparently, the man did more than just compete, he emerged as the ultimate winner of the 2016 WWE Royal Rumble! And with that came all sorts of reactions ranging from those who praised how Triple H mightily threw the reigning champion Roman Reigns out of the ring and how he eliminated Dean Ambrose in the most epic way to those who saw Triple H as a floppy and rusty wrestler who simply got an upper hand in the story directed by Vince McMahon.

Want to know how the audience reacted to Triple H’s win? Find out in the next slide with some of the best and most hilarious internet reactions to Triple H’s victory.