Mariah Carey is engaged with James Packer

Congratulations for Mariah Carey and James Packer…

Blow your horns, bang the drums. Wedding will soon take place for Mariah Carey and to his billionaire boyfriend James Packer. The singer and the billionaire businessmen have only been dating for a year but always spend time together riding Packer’s yacht earlier this week. The pair was first spotted together last year during the Capri getaway and they seem to be sweet with each other. This will be the third marriage for Mariah Carey; she was divorced with her ex-husband Nick Cannon last August 2014 and this became controversial as the “America’s Got Talent” host filed a divorce from Carey last January 2015. Based on the interview, Cannon stated during that time that it is highly doubts that he would marry Carey again. Carey and Cannon are the parents for the 4 year old cute little twins named Moroccan and Monroe. Also, prior to this relationship, Carey was also first married with Tommy Mottola for 5 years. After few months, reporters finally stated that the Mariah and her new boyfriend are engaged after a fairy tale romance together.

Carey’s new boyfriend silenced the doubters when he presented an engagement ring for her soon to be wife. Reporters have been told that Carey’s engagement ring is made up of 35 carats and there is no clear date on when will the wedding took place. There is no surprise that Packer propose to the multi-Grammy award winner with one knee. Their love affair just began a year ago and suddenly both of them caught with each other’s eye and fell in love with each other. They are fit for each other and they are very contented towards to it. The couple became friends last 2014 at a movie premiere in Aspen. They were just talking and laughing and suddenly people are getting at them for nothing. They even hit them off and neglect them for good. People often say that James is very lucky but Mariah keeps on insisting that she is the one who is lucky.

As soon as their bonding moments became romance, they usually have time together during weekends. If you are accompanying them all the time, possibly you would believe in true love too. Different reporters stated that they are very happy with each other and they often like doing sweet things all the time. This might be the reason on why their relationship is very strong and healthy. James usually bring Mariah to other countries for their vacation, last year, he brought Mariah to the walls of Israel and Australia to visit his home town. For the upcoming month, Mariah is looking to sell his Las Vegas residency before committing to the world tour. James is expected to accompany the singer since he is also working as a philanthropist. There is no clear date yet on when will be the wedding too place but it seems that the two of them cannot wait for the day to come. Indeed, true love arrives when you learn how to wait.