19 Of The Ugliest Celebrity Custody Battles

Couples that have decided to part ways and file for a divorce can either go two ways: amicably, or messily. That also seems to be the case when it comes to celebrity marriages, while there are the amicable divorces, where the pair are still on good terms with each other despite having gone through a tough time breaking up, and filing for custody of the children is pretty smooth, there are also the ugly divorces, where the pair just end up fighting over who has more rights on the children than the other. What makes this worse is that it’s very much publicized, so their custody battles are aired for the public to witness and judge even.

1. Halle Berry - Gabriel Aubry

Halle Berry sure knows how to pick good-looking men. Although her relationship with Gabriel Aubry went downhill later on, the two of them butting heads over who gets custody of their daughter Nahla. As the Oscar-winning actress had moved on, gotten married, and wanted to move Nahla to her husband Olivier Martinez’s home country of France, a judge ruled that Halle not be allowed to move overseas, and that she should be near her father in Los Angeles. Two weeks later, a fist fight happened between the two, and right in front of Nahla at that. Although Gabriel is believed to have started it, he suffered facial injuries and even threatened to put a permanent restraining order on Olivier. Fortunately, they reached a settlement, and Gabriel was eventually cleared of all charges.