18 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Terrible Ideas

Time and again, we welcome the New Year with a vision of making ourselves “better” along with a long list of New Year’s Resolutions that would supposedly help us fulfil our year’s goals. However, this begs the question on whether these resolutions are really doable and effective. Perhaps it is safe to say that majority of what’s in your list won’t realize precisely because they are terrible ideas. Why terrible? They are simply not doable, unrealistic, too vague or too ambitious. Just take your pick!

To help you identify terrible ideas from your New Year’s Resolution, here is a list of what you might consider revising or totally scrapping out.

1. Vague Resolutions to “Be Better”

According to the founding partner of Tiara International Betsy Sobiech, goal makers should be careful of the “er” trap. You can’t have some vague ideas attached to it because they can never be accomplished. Instead, identify your goal and make a clear step to achieve it. For example, you can work on being a better friend by giving out birthday cards or planning a weekend getaway with your closest pals.