14 Reasons You Will End Up Binge Watching “Fuller House”

With the “Fuller House” series finally taking off, we know you will begin at episode one, and find yourself at the end of the series 15 straight hours later!!!

1. Reason That We Will End Up Binge Watch “Fuller House”#1: Same Plot, Clever Twists

We know, we know, we have seen a lot of 90s stuff that are coming back, and some, if not all are horrible and the only pretty ones are in the fashion industry where people are trying their best to make it look prettier. Anyway, comebacks are here, and Full house is also back in the game. Not to mention Full House is here with a new twist. Instead of Danny Tanner, grown up D.J. is newly widowed with three sons getting by with help from her sister, Stephanie, and best friend, Kimmy.