Awkward Leonardo


I am not quite sure how updated you are regarding what’s happening around us but I bet you had the teeniest idea that the Golden Globes have just been held recently. As usual, the institution honored and recognized last year’s outstanding works in the field of film and acting.

The Revenant (Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest contribution to the film industry) was a popular choice for the best film award (in the drama category) and indeed emerged as the winner. The Martian meanwhile, was awarded the same recognition under the non-drama category. Household names like Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio and even Sylvester Stallone won awards in their respective fields of nomination.

According to the articles I read, a lot of interesting events transpired during the night of recognition. I saw a clip recently that put Jennifer Lawrence into “hot waters”. What happened, you say? Oh okay, alright, I’ll tell you. Well, she was on a press conference (I can only assume it was an official Golden Globe press con because of the logo on the background), there was a reporter who I can’t see but has just started to ask questions. J.Law somehow told the reporter not to look at his cellular phone all the time (I can only assume the reporter was looking at his phone for the guide questions), saying that he can’t live off his phone all the time and should live in the now, the reporter laughed it off and continued to ask questions. The thing is, he asked Lawrence on about the event but instead of the Golden Globes, the reported mentioned the Oscars. Jennifer Lawrence “scolded” him again saying that he wouldn’t have made that mistake had he stopped being distracted by his phone. Personally, I don’t think she went too far. She was just being frank and quite honestly, she was just being J.Law. J

Now, you might be wondering why I’m blabbering on and on about Jennifer Lawrence when the title of the article clearly says Leonardo, right? Okay so here’s the deal, it was awarding night, and then it was the best it was the best actress category (for a mini-series). Lady Gaga was called the winner and stood up to go to the stage. Along the way, she somehow brushed Leonardo DiCaprio’s arm. Nothing much, supposedly, what made it funny was Leo’s reaction to that. LOL

If you saw the short clip, you would be surprise too! I am exactly sure as to why Leo reacted the way he reacted but it looks to me that he’d seen a ghost (or a bear for that matter!). He almost did a double take and his eyes almost popped out. Don’t you just love candid celebrity reactions? As of the moment, Leonardo hasn’t given any statement yet regarding the said incident (I will scour all possible internet content and sources to give you guys an update, if I canJ), but I am quite sure that he didn’t mean any harm in doing so. For all we know he had PTSD with that bear (okay, why bear? Because it’s a reference to The Revenant, duh!), I certainly hope not.