Justin Bieber- The Journey of Success

How this scrawny little Canadian boy became one of the music industry’s hottest artists!

Just like other people, Justin Bieber used to be an ordinary Canadian boy that has dreams in becoming successful in his own life. But, his life totally changed in the year 2008 when he captured the hearts of millions of people through his songs. Indeed, with his great musical talent and skills. Justin Bieber releases his first EP and an album and suddenly it went sky rocket to the world of music industry. However, you need to know that before he reached this goal, it took tons of hardships and determination in order to get this stage. There are also a lot of exciting and painful journey Justin Bieber faced before he reach to the peak of his success and it would be fun and interesting to know on what this Canadian boy has gone through to reach his goals.

Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994 at Stratford, Ontario and was being raised by her single mother. Just like other kids, Justin Bieber begun playing guitar and drums since he was very young. He really loves to engage in music industry and this fuels him up to join a local singing competition around their hometown called Stratford Idol in 2007. Surprisingly, he managed to get second place at the competition without any singing lessons. Then, her mother saw his true potential and uploaded the videos of him singing on YouTube. Fortunately, they attract tons of fans around the world with the estimated amount of 10 million viewers. Since then, Justin Bieber realize his true potential and start to take the music industry serious this time around.

It really cannot deny the fact that Justin Bieber would not somehow get a career in the music industry without the help of his YouTube videos. Scooter Braun, a marketing executive of the So So Def Recordings watched Justine Bieber’s video and saw a potential of the young boy. He was impressed the way Justin sings and the way he delivers the song. He then contacted Bieber and asked him to go to Atlanta seven months after the videos was posted in YouTube. Bieber showed his talents on singing and playing musical instruments. He also happened to meet Usher in Atlanta but during that time the famous singer did not know that Bieber has a great talent in music. But, after watching his videos on YouTube. He realized that this boy has what it takes to be the next superstar in the future. He contacted Bieber and finally made some negotiations with him to joint venture with Scooter Braun.

In the year 2009, Justin Bieber finally released his first album and this is called “One Time”. The song tells a story about puppy love. Fortunately, the song gained success not only in Canada and USA but also to the whole international aspect. He then releases his next album in 2010 which is the “My World 2.0” and the song “Baby” became his lead single song. It is also in the same year when he conducted his first tour to Connecticut.