20 Dumb Laws Still Enacted In America

Laws are basically enacted to promote the general welfare of the society. They are generally good as they are means to control all sorts of crimes and prevent anarchy. But in some states, it is incredibly interesting to note that some laws are enacted for some dumb reasons! Really, how can buying a toothpaste and a toothbrush at the same time destroy peace and order? Does that pose any threat at all? Better ask the legislature of Rhode Island about it!

Check out some of the dumbest laws ever enacted and still in effect in America. Read on.

1. In Missouri, It’s Illegal to Drive With an Uncaged Bear

Who, in their right state of mind, would even go driving around town with a bear on the backseat? Seriously, we’re definitely wondering just how many times this has happened before Congress had to make a law prohibiting driving with uncaged bears.