Worst Photoshop Troll Attempt Ever…

I mean, this doesn’t even look like any effort was put into this. Or maybe that was the point???

Rub-a-dub-dub, both are in the tub! Being naked and bubbles on the top! JB and MC caught on the act! Posting pictures starting to pop! Social Media can’t stop! Come’on dude. That streaks are my songs for them. Justin Beiber companied by Miley Cyrus bathing wearing nothing but bubbles. WTF! are they kidding us? They must not stake and post those pictures, what do they want from us? Crazy, Miley and JB.

A 22 year old lady, Miley Cyrus and 21 year old man Justine Bieber, have always been cronies FOR LONG”. But the question is, Are they close enough to take a bath together?! Miley seems to consider so. My bad, even I can’t do the same thing with my friends nor my brother or relative. Maybe I can make to go to the tub but with my partner only, Most of the times, still I cannot even though I was with the person I am attached the most. The contemptible pop star Instagrammed a tremendous scandal photo of herself and the guy with her, Justine Bieber getting squeaky clean together, while clothes are off.

We all know that Miley Cyrus is the empress of posting well eccentric things on her social media specifically on her instagram page. But these latter few posts of her just might take the cake as her furthermost bizarre ones yet!

Mainly, she strained to fake us with the concise (photoshopped) masterpiece (which has been deleted), displaying her and companion teen star Justin getting stark-naked together in a bathtub. Didn’t you consider it was real for a second, and same with the thought of mine.

Miley Cyrus seems that’s she really have a major major Bieber Fever for the reason that she posted another picture with Bieber on it. While those posts says that she suggest she is so imperturbable with the teen idol Justine Bieber, My gosh why in the world Miley doing this? What is going on? This really shocked most of vivid fans of Justine Bieber and also with Miley Cyrus.

Do they have a history? Do Miley Cyrus and Justine Bieber have a past that is why they are too comfortable to each other?

This young lady, bizarre posts with the teen star are not the first time the two stars have been linked together. Way back in the past (January), there was a crash appealing that Justin Bieber had really hooked up with Cyrus. And there is a Website, cleared up the rumor at the time. A source elucidated exclusively, “Miley does not see Justin that way, they are just friends, they are like family, but she is happy that Selena Gomez is threatened anything she can do to get to her.”

So then maybe this assault of “instabieber” is just Miley Cyrus Enchanting additional stab at making Selena Gomez jealous?

What’s your opinion, how do you feel these things going? What can you say about Miley Cyrus topical grams?