Nostalgia Alert 15 Toys That Shaped Childhoods

We have fond memories of playing with our very favorite toys as kids. While the toys kids play with today may seem a bit weirder than the ones we played with 20 years ago, a lot of the toys today have been based off of things that were so successful in the past. Here are a few toys that have shaped generations!

1. Childhood Toy # 1: Fisher-Price Classics Record Player

This is where we would be putting up records and just simply put on the needle, and viola, we have an instant night club. Okay, so many children wouldn’t be thinking of night clubs at that age, but we definitely thought that we were cool back then. We seem to have been DJ-ing around. Playing songs in our Smartphones are a new way for this though, but the fact that you would actually put on the needle is such a nostalgic feeling.