Insomnia Alert: 19 Photobombs That Will Give You Nightmares

In the new age of hand held camera phones, and “selfies,” people are taking pictures left and right.  This leads to folks misbehaving more than ever, in the background.  At times, even when someone thinks it can be funny, photobombs can be downright nightmarish.  The following are a few that lead by example.

1. No worries, just a creepy kid in my nature pic!

Photo By: tumblr

Sometimes you just want a beautiful shot of nature, but when it involves a semi-invisible cabbage patch kid from hell, maybe not so much.  Perhaps this is simply a knot in the tree, but it was obviously something scary enough to jolt the photographer, and even the best of us, into action.  Please go away! *rocks in fetal position.