16 Nightmarish Bridges You Don’t Want To Cross

A word of warning: those wth a fear of heights may not want to visit these bridges that we will be listing here. These bridges are suspended nightmares, guaranteed to have us holding for dear life onto the railings. Our legs will end up shaking and you’ll try to do all you can to pray that nothing snaps because it’s a one way ticket to a certain death once it does. But for those who are adventurous, and into exploring dangerous places, then you can probably visit these bridges for when you travel overseas or across the country. Check these out.

1. Trift Bridge - Switzerland

trift bridge

This bridge only took 6 weeks to build, and 6 weeks is not enough time to check the safety of this bridge, and thus makes it an unstable one. If you’re brave enough to cross it, well, at least you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view of the Swiss Alps. The Trift Bridge is 170 meters long and is open only during June and October. It’s highly recommended to cross this bridge on a very clear day, because it’s known to swing, a little out of control, on windy days.