Unluckiest Couple Celebrates $52 Million Lottery Win, Then Weeps

Lottery win, no lottery win…

There has been a report that has been circulating the internet about a couple in the UK who thought that they won the lottery with an amount of a £35million Lottery jackpot after they have purchased a ticket on the 23rd of December. It has been a really glorious moment for them because after years of playing, they will definitely be winning this time. But it seems that fate is not really in their favor because when they decided to call the Lotto operator Camelot, Edwina and David Nylan was broken hearted to hear that their ticket didn’t register until the deadline of 7:30 PM. Camelot said that their ticket has not been registered for the 23rd draw, but for the 24th instead. So despite putting all of the six winning numbers, they didn’t qualify for the day.

Mrs Nylan, 55, said: “I am gutted, but what can we do? We have played for years, and had our online account for some time, so it is not as if we didn’t know what we were doing.

“I have just had to carry on with things and not get too down.

“Shocked isn’t the word, but as a family we stick together and just have to be grateful for what we’ve got.”

They have completely been missed out on their once in a lifetime chance, and they have tried their whole life. We cant really blame them if ever that they feel sour regarding the whole situation, but what can we really do? There were rules, and it seems like a glitch in their Smartphone app has been the reason of all their misery. Errors have started when the couple wanted to purchase their ticket of £2 using the Online Lotto draw, when they received an error message that they don’t have enough money to continue on their transaction. The error read that they only had 60p, and so they decided to top up their account. But the drawing deadline was getting near since they did that around 7 PM.

Not all things are instant, and they were probably aware that after topping up their funds, they wouldn’t be able to buy a ticket for the day of 23rd with the numbers 01 - 02 - 04 - 19 - 28 - 41. There was evidence that the couple has tried to reach the deadline by trying numerous times to buy the ticket despite the error messages. Having been two days before Christmas, it’s a given that the couple were busy, but Mrs. Nylan said that the app said that their purchase has gone through so she stopped trying.

Mrs Nylan said: “David has an app on his phone which he uses to generate random numbers.

“We scribbled them down, and they are stored on his phone.

“When the numbers came up, it looked like we had got all six and had won the jackpot but when I checked, there was nothing from Camelot.

“I rang customer services at Camelot and the person I spoke to said they could see from their records that we had intended to buy those numbers but they said the purchase did not go through because we only had 60p in our account.

“We had tried to top up the account, and hadn’t realized that hadn’t registered either.

“You get an email to confirm your purchase, but I didn’t remember to check because it was just before Christmas and I was so busy.”

Guess fate were playing with them for once.