15 Times A Drunken Idea Wasn’t As Genius As You Thought

Picture this: You’re an inventor, or a painter, or a writer, or basically someone who wants to be productive, and you can’t seem to make something out of nothing because you don’t know what to do. You’re experiencing a block of some sort, so, you do all you can to find some inspiration. You watch tv, it doesn’t seem to work. Going out for a walk doesn’t do it either. You’ve tried almost every possible solution to get out of your creative block, but nothing seems to work.

At this point, there are two situations in which ideas come and important decisions are made. One is when we’re in the shower, while we’re getting ourselves clean, where we hold concerts and think about important things and make important decisions. The second one is when we’re under the influence of alcohol. Sometimes, things just make sense when we’ve had too much to drink. But then when we start sobering up, and in the cold light of day, we try and recall what happened the night before and start regretting what we did. These people thought they had a stroke of genius the night they got drunk, but they sure regretted it the morning after.

1. A Show Of Super Strength

When keys can’t be found, the next best thing is to show off to everyone your super strength. Although that’s not going to look so good in the morning. Good luck to the guy who has to get dressed with a very big hole in the door. If he still lives with his parents, well, he might get an earful from them.