World’s most annoying password revealed in viral video which will make you scream with frustration

This password is mind boggling…

You may have encountered a moment where you were asked to remember something so complicated, that you ended up forgetting it right after they told you that. That will make you ask it for like, a million times before you even get it. And we feel you, and you’re not alone. We have that one moment that it just happens out of the blue, and its just making our minds blow. What’s worse is that its your complicated word, and you cant even remember. You have to get it for yourself. And with a rather normal-looking video, a few people has started to ask someone’s else’s internet to share it to someone, and it looks like that all were left to be none too anything and would be jumping to any opportunity that we get free internet. But what they weren’t prepared for is the fact that the password contain a lot of tricks. Its just all plain in their eyes and they are battling about the simple fact that them password is “four words all uppercase” in itself.

The simple act of saying this rather weird password I making a simple mind go nuts. We would actually say that we should be beware with our stuff after we read this article, because we think that everyone would be having a fit and tantrum when they see and hear of this rather simple thing that was made to be so complicated. One of his friend almost guessed it, but has done things the wrong way and started to lose track of it all. Anyway, the funniest part of the video is when the one who made the password seems like he was saying a riddle to his friends, and we quote “Its four words all uppercase, but its one word, all lowercase!!”, and the poor man was so upset already.

But having to deal with the not-that-intentional-bad-joke, the other man decided to walk out and said that he would be trying again later when this guy is ready to spill the beans, on which he already did. It was such a fun thing to watch, especially when he could have explained the word in a much understandable way, but still decided to boggle their minds. One even said that “Dude, I’m going to grab that router and beat you to death,” well, if it were us, we would probably doing the same thing, but less harsh, ya know.

“It’s super easy,” he joked.

“I don’t get the problem.”

Well, he was even serious and dont see anything wrong with the password. And if you really think about it, its easy to remember and its not something so complex that we would eventually forget. Its just enough to be easy for those who knew and hard for the rest of the world. Anyway, its just mind boggling if you say it using your mouth, bit if you type it up, its fine. Anyway, lets not hope that we would be encountering any password like that like those guys.