Outrage as four boys ‘sexually tortured 14-year-old girl at drunken party, then posted images online’

Indecent behavior that they were not aware of?

We all know how we get to see a lot of things and as people, we know what is right and wrong all because of the gut feeling that we have. Its weird, but whenever something funny and weird is going on, its either we feel dread, or we feel completely okay with it. It just depends on what kind of stuff that we were looking at, whether its morally right or wrong. We would immediately have that urge to stop whatever is happening all because we don’t think that its right even when we are yet to understand. Its something that our minds do whenever we are faced with such situations. It fails some times, maybe because there was something that botheredbus, but basically, it would still alarm us. But what these underaged boys did to a fellow underage girl is unforgivable, and she might be scarred for life.

Reports have said that the girl has been sexually tortured by foreign objects after having “fun” in a drunken party in the Russian city of Pskov. Having been drunk and not behaving in their right minds, they have started to ‘play’ with the girl, stripping her naked and taking pictures of the incident. Police said that the victim suffered internal injuries and is still psychologically traumatized following the alleged attack. The teenagers are accused of raping the girl with foreign objects after stripping her naked. They are also accused of forcing her to drink a powerful vodka-based drink before carrying out the attack.

They might be aware or not, but further investigations are still on going. It seems that they were not fully aware of the extent of their actions. And since they were underaged, they probably thought that they might get away with it. One of the suspects even posted a message on social media saying: “There is no law for us.” But with the extent if their attack to the girl which obtained physical and mental injuries, the Russian politician Pavel Astakhov, said that he will look into the issue more. And while investigations are still ongoing, the suspects wouldnt be coming to their school, but rather, will be kept in boarding schools with strict regulations for three years as punishment. Psychological help would be given to the victim and the politician said that he will make sure that she gets a good amount of care for what she has suffered from.

“All of them are mentally healthy, from decent families. But it turned out that they appeared to be of very much indecent behaviour.

“The worst thing is that they did not understand what they had done - and they were showing off.”

The victim “suffered not just physically but morally,” he said.

“She is facing psychological rehabilitation. I will insist that all the necessary services take good care of her”

Pskov Investigative Committee, which is supervising the criminal case, said: “All four suspects have already been called for interrogation.

“A decision on their detention will be taken soon.”