18 Phrases Only Millennials Understand

OK, we know this is going to make us sound really old but is it just us or are young people beginning to sound really weird nowadays? I mean, it’s totally cool that their adopting their own ways to communicate - it is natural and healthy for language of change and evolve - but what we’re saying is that the kids these days are particularly irritating. With the growing influence of social media and online means of communication, actual face to face conversation has become nothing more than a barely comprehensible series of abbreviations and internet speak, an uninteresting, unpleasant aside people have to do each time they look away from their i-phone. Here is a basic quite of the millennial-isms for the older reader.

1. “I can’t even.”

This phrase is particularly annoying as for those uninitiated in the lingo of the young, it feels very much as though something else should follow. It doesn’t. It is simply a means of expressing frustration and annoyance in the most banal and lazy manner possible.