Tennessee McDonald’s nativity scene goes viral

The true meaning of Christmas was painted on window…

With the holiday season coming up, people are getting, either anxious or pressured, of getting their Christmas lists complete and some people will even be the anxious with thinking of new dishes that they will be serving for the holidays. And with all the things that people will be thinking about, it’s no wonder that most of us would not even be acknowledging the birthday boy. Of course, let’s give credit to those atheists that don’t even care whether God is true, but either way, they will still be here for Christmas and Christmas is all about the birth of Christ. They can never really do anything about it. It has been done, and Christmas has been celebrated for years and years. And let’s face it people, most of those non-believers have even spent at least a Christmas with their loved ones and they were happy. Go and be miserable if you like! We are happy and celebrating here and there is nothing that you can do about it. Anyway, we don’t mean harm, but the season speaks of happiness and the lights are there to make us even happier.

But the Christmas in most countries are not celebrated until it’s already December. And well, that’s understandable, but in the tropics, and in a certain country as Philippines, they get excited by Christmas time and decided to celebrate even when Halloween hasn’t even started. And that is just how much people like to get gifts in the holidays. All the great food, the cold weather, everything is great and is peaceful. Nothing beats the holidays, and we’re sure that you think the same way. And how do the people in Tennessee make the people feel that Christmas is coming? Well, as most people will do, they will be expressing their excitement with the beautiful decorations, and the variety of the Christmas decors to choose from makes themes endless. But there is a certain store in Spring Hill Tennessee that has garnered a media on its doorsteps.

On Dec 14, Amy Basel drove by a local McDonald’s in the area and saw a hand painted mural on the window of the fast food chain. But it was a rather normal mural, and its something that you might be seeing in Churches, but never in a fast-food chain. Maybe it’s because that it has potential of driving away customers. But Basel was impressed that there would be a chain of McDonald’s that would do such thing. She posted her happiness in Facebook with a caption, “Drove by and did a double-take. Growing up in the mitten, you would NEVER see this. Tennessee McDonald’s…you made my day. ‘His name is Jesus.'” Mitten is a nickname for Michigan.

The post has received widespread attention and even Fox News got an interview from the owners of the chain, Gina Wolfe. She stated that they have been doing it for decades.

“It’s a family business which has been owned and operated by my family for 40 years. My dad started this, 40 years ago when he had a local art student paint it on his store,” Wolfe told the station. “My husband and I have been owners for 28 years and we’ve done this or something similar during Christmas each year. I guess with social media, it’s taken off.” That seemed like a very good thing and the Mural that has been painted with Jesus alongside Mary and Joseph and a steer has been made complete with a phrase of “His name is Jesus” and “Rejoice” has been a great influence in their neighborhood.