14 Vacation Destinations That Are Actually Dangerous

The world is an incredible place. On this tiny speck of dust in the infinite majesty of the universe, there exists some truly humbling sights. From the lush, green fertility of the Amazon to the bleak and barren beauty of the Steppes of Asia, our planet is steeped in cultures and traditions that have the capacity to astound and now, with efficient and affordable airline travel making the world ever smaller, we are never far away from some of the planet’s most iconic images. But even in some of the world’s most beautiful places, there are a wide variety of risks that one must consider before booking their vacation.

1. Egypt

With the recent supposed bombing of the Russian commercial flight by Jihadists and the country still rocked by Government protests and all kinds of political and religious tension, the tourist industry within Egypt has been severely hit, which is a particular shame as, boasting a history rich with The Sphinx and The Pyramids, the country offers some of the most awe-inspiring sights available anywhere on the planet.