Little girl mistakes West Virginia Walmart shopper for Santa, video goes viral

Happiness is found in little things…

We all know that children likes to receive gifts from Santa. And those cute and innocent minds are all full of hope to get gifts especially when they have been such good kids this year. They deserve to be treated nicely and to receive new things that will definitely be treasured. And as for this little girl, she seemed to have ben a good girl this year. With the holiday season coming, its not hard to see and find Santa in malls and in different decors all over the place. But it seems that someone with a good eye saw someone that has been shopping.

A little girl in West Virginia has been shopping for Christmas in a local Walmart when she saw someone wearing a familiar red shirt and is also wearing a white beard. And for such a young child, she would eventually think that the man she saw is the one that she will be waiting for this Christmas! She seemed to have spotted Santa wearing civilian clothing and is shopping for presents, as so the little girl must have thought.

Thinking like that, she had to run and go say hi, and as her momma might have said, Santa gives gifts to good girls. The adorable confrontation was just brief, but it was still enough to make the little girl happy and unfortunately, made her belief of Santa stronger. She even said that she will be leaving cookies for Santa and will be giving him one. The rest are for his reindeers on which she was concerned.

The whole thing was just as adorable as anything else. And this just proved that these children have such innocent eyes that they would not even think of anything bad to say about this Santa. Unlike anyone, the man who was thought to be Santa said that with his beard, he was called lots of things, but he did not mean it in a bad way. Rather, he seemed like he was enjoying himself as well playing as Santa for the little girl. And although it was just an innocent mistake, ‘Santa’ has made a child happy and the two families have left the store with grins plastered all over their faces. They didn’t had gifts but they took home a memory that will be forever be preserved all because of the little girl’s innocent eyes.

But seriously, that was a bit weird especially when the man wore a red shirt. Clearly, he knew that he looked too much of a Santa. And it might have been too bad because that girl will definitely believe that Santa exist, especially when she says that she met him in Walmart. People might not believe her, but that’s basically true, right? Anyway, all they just need to do is provide her with a gift from Santa this Christmas like any other things. And that will definitely make her day.