16 Times Yoda Gave The Best Advice

With the latest Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, showing in cinemas all over the world, this brings us to one of the most iconic, and one of the wisest and most powerful characters of the whole franchise. Hints: He’s green, he’s small, and he speaks in such a way that his sentences are rearranged. We’re talking about Yoda. How many times have we taken advice from fictional characters? Many maybe, but it goes to show how much we can learn from this Jedi master, even if we’re not training to be one. It also goes to show just how we can apply whatever he advises to our daily lives as well. Here are just a few of them.

1. When Making Decisions

A very popular quote that we may have been seeing around the internet for quite some time, but is just as applicable to each one of us. It mostly applies to some tough situations and tough decisions that should be made. It’s either we go hard or go home, if we decide to take the plunge or a leap of faith or not, but in a nutshell? It’s either we do it or we don’t. Sometimes in life, it’s only black or white, and not in between.