An Islamic lesson in a Virginia classroom creates a viral furor and shutters schools

The lesson spurted outrage from parents…

As part of the world, we have the right to know all the things that are making up our world. And as far as we know, we knew that there will always be evil in this world, and we knew that much. But we also know that defining who is evil and who is not is difficult. And with all of the terrorism and the attacks that the ISIS has made, clearly, there is enough reason to keep people from panicking and the issue is understandable enough.

Anyway, people are upset with the attacks and they don’t want anything to do with it. And when a teacher in Augusta County taught her students calligraphy, she received hatred. You might be wondering why, but parents have been upset with the fact that Cheryl LaPorte has brought to light a scripture from the Islamic text that was written in Arabic. A report said that she has made her students an assignment to copy the text and be able to know the complexity of the calligraphy of the Arabs.

As far as we know, people are very jumpy with everything Islam related. And after seeing the assignment, a parent, Kim Herndon has made sure that the teacher is sure to receive their outrage. But it seemed that even when the issue has brought national attention, the one getting support is LaPorte.

Her former students claim that they haven’t been converted or such, and in fact, the alumni have learned a lot from the teacher. Despite being silent about the issue, Mrs. LaPorte has gained supporters when her firmer students claim that she was not in the wrong. The principal even checked her assignments for anything that may have had someproof of indoctrination and violation of religious rights, as the reports claim. And has found that there is no such thing that was seen.

Clearly, parents were in the wrong and have accused the teacher of something that she clearly is not doing. It just reminds us of how much people are close minded and will not even try to do something out of their comfort zone. And as far as we know, the subject is just for students to understand the different religion that arepresent in this world. And what’s he has done is just show them the calligraphy and copy it. Nothing else. The parents were clearly not open minded of the religion and even with the terrorist attacks, it made it even more vital for children to know the different religions. Because of they didn’t understand anything, then it will make them more prone to being left out and society will be filled with people with close minded and one sided opinion. And even though you say that they are Christians, true Christians will not be doing something so proud and will be making any harm to any people involved. Christianity is almost like a deed in itself. It speaks of all things good and being a true Christian means that you have been doing that good stuff with everything that you are doing.