This wedding photographer did something truly special

Photographer was able to capture a special moment that was not even there…

People always take things for granted and they do that even when they don’t even recognize that they were even doing it. We don’t really think that we have something important unless we have lost them forever. People are born without the capacity to think, and surely, we don’t blame them for realizing things later than they have to, but when things does come and go, we are swept with such sadness that we wouldn’t even want to live anymore. But that is just normal and it’s completely understandable if one is to think about it like that. But beautiful things are hard to see and it’s not achieved by just anyone. Someone must take the skill and talent in order to make beautiful things such as music, painting and it even comes in contact with photography. Talents of different people are different, but it’s also hard enough to look for the right person. And when Amanda Crowe Freebird was able to get married, she felt happiness and sadness at the same time. People might not get it, but it is possible to feel different emotions at the same time.

Amanda has found her Prince, named Chip that would forever make her happy, but before she ever found him, she has also lost a very precious person in her life, her child. She was such a lovely girl and was so sweet. If its not for her childhood cancer, she wouldn’t die at the age of six back in 2013. Her mother was of course saddened by the news and when she has met her Prince, she was once again saddened all because her sweet daughter will not be present in her big day and that her daughter is not going to live the life that Chip will be able to provide Amanda. It was such a great story, especially when Amanda has pleaded her friend who was a photographer to incorporate Azalee, Amanda’s daughter in the picture. All Amanda ever wanted is for her daughter to see how she will be happy with her husband.

Everything worked out, and when the nig day arrived, there were “no dry eyes” that was looking at them. Frantz, Amanda’s friend was able to say that they have even made butterflies free as a remembrance of Azalee and “As the butterflies flew up and away, one little beauty decided she wanted to stay a while. She landed right on Amanda (closest to her heart) and stayed while a heart-wrenching cry was shared between the bride and groom (and the entire congregation). “We all know it was Azalee, just a little whisper from her and God saying “congratulations” and letting everyone know she was nearby to help her mommy cross over into her new path of life…where there is nothing but sunshine ahead!!”

Everything was beautiful and Frantz, with her talent, was able to make the bride happy and even made her cry so much in the process. But she assured that it was tears of joy, and even when Azalee is away, she is still living in their hearts.