This Brisbane-based ‘entertainer’ thinks it’s funny to push his girlfriend around

Bully or no bully? We are going to see…

Remember that one kid in grade school on which he always likes to bully that poor guy with glasses? It seems like it’s such a norm and those bullies have fun with just inflicting anger and upsetting those that he bullies. But that is how they make themselves happy. And believe it or not, they actually think that they have been making other people happy. So it’s no wonder that those bullies don’t understand adults whenever they say that it’s not funny. They are just focused on something else, and worse, there might have been something wrong with their poor brain. Nonetheless, people like that still exist and those bullies may have changed, but there will always still be a number of them that will continue on what they like doing – bullying – and to try and hang out with people that also thinks the same. Since that is how they define fun, then we don’t blame them, but they also should know that not all people could take it.

And with that, there is this man in Australia that has posed a video of him having fun with his girlfriend. But it seems to not be the kind of fun that we are all thinking. They weren’t doing those movies and hanging out somewhere fun thing. Their definition of fun is pranks. We all know that a lot of couples in the web do that and we find them funny and cute. But what this guy did is that he took it to the next level of pranking. His pranks are almost like how bullies make fun of someone. And on top of that, he was ‘pranking’ his girlfriend.

And as he was able to upload a video in Facebook, many have been able to see that at last, there is a girl that can take a prank that is definitely going too far. And there was even a comment just like that. But despite some positive feedbacks, many have also been saying on how Shammi – the entertainer – was going too far and he was not giving enough respect to his girlfriend. Honestly, we think so too, but there might be some reasons as to why the girl was able to take on that much prank. It might also be that the girl was the same as him, but the possibilities are endless. In any case, many positive and negative stuff had passed in the comments section of the video. It was either the people loved the strength of that woman, or people are just commenting on how rude Shammi has been especially when he has cracked an egg on her while she was doing her makeup, braking hard and making her hit her head on the windshield and there has also been him shoving ice cream on her face, pushing her towards strangers and even pushing her to the river! We all know that pranks can go too much and Shammi was well aware of it. But whatever is their reason, the girl seems to be okay with it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they break up sooner rather than later all because there has been limitations in patience and as to whatever the girl can take. Respect is still important.