Fashionista Santa Exist!

When Santa gets boring, this happens…

Christmas is near and its going to come in over a week and Santa is in every mall we could think of. And just when we thought that all those Santas will never be a great one and may sometimes be boring, if not fun, then this will definitely make you smile.

You know those Santa in malls that are always wearing the traditional costume, red and white fur and those recognizable full white beards? Well, it looks like a new trend is coming our way and it makes us think as to why people hasn’t thought of it? Anyway, there is this good looking Santa in Toronto, Canada. And by means of good looking, we meant that this Santa is the package. Not only this Santa has the beard, it also came with a penchant for high end fashion all because he was a model for 30 years. And that Santa right there is Paul Mason. Now that you must have been thinking as to why people have thought of making Santa more fashionable and trendier? Even when the traditional costume is enough, people still opt for this. Well, who wouldn’t like to see some new things? And moreover, this version of Santa is not seen anywhere in the world and there can be a small amount of people that can pull of the trendy look along with the white beard and all those high end clothes and to even pose like a boss. It’s definitely hard work for an amateur, and this is definitely nothing for an expert such as Paul Mason.

Fashionable Santa has been enlisted by Toronto’s’ Yorkdale Shopping Centre and has been the face of their holiday campaign. We say that it’s actually a good idea and it might actually be good promotion for the mall. But it was not all that, Fashionable Santa is there to help. They are raising funds in order for the mall to donate the funds to Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. It was all about it and even Santa was not able to go into such depths such as trying on a terrible fitting costume. All he had to do is wear all the things that he wanted to wear to the mall and sit there. People will eventually start coming once they see this incredibly unique Santa.

Santa is quite impressed with the thought and signed up once he heard the news. “Its just an unexpected thing. Of course, I’ve had a long career – 30 years as a model prior to social media – and this is something else. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“Through working all over the world, I have friends in all the major cities, and collectively they’ve come together and just supported what’s going on. But they’re equally as shocked as anyone else.” The campaign was even booming especially when the parents are with their kids. Lucia Connor was the marketing director of this and she has said that, “When we speak to some of the customers that come through to see Santa, the adults get so excited and they say: ‘The last time I took a photo with Santa I was young, I was little,“’ she said.

“I think now what people are able to do is now proudly display their own photo of adult Fashion Santa, and instead of the mantel, they’re displaying it on their social media feeds.”