You’re Doing It Wrong Celeb-Inspired Tricks to Getting the Perfect High Bun

Here are some High Bun tips from celebrity hairstylist Angela Kalinowski…

We all know the drastic things the unperfected bun feels and looks like. Its not only saggy and out of life, it didn’t even frame our faces quite well. And what do we do with all the things we have if we don’t know how to pull off one perfect bun? Anyway, there are a lot of things that we, girls can complain about but all our sorrows will be gone until we get to know how to get that perfect bun! And that is what we’re after for today. These aren’t going to be perfect at first, but you have to do and make sure that you do everything said here to achieve that gorgeous bun.

Sagging Bumps

  • First of all, this is not a messy bun. It doesn’t need to have those messy bumps. All this needs is that you comb through your hair and make everything be as sleek as you can get it. “This is easiest to achieve by flipping your head upside down and gathering your ponytail that way,” and that is from the pro herself. Keep it in mind ladies!

Get the Position right

  • It’s a bun, so basically, it’s safe to put it anywhere in your head. You can even go at it like Pucca. But that won’t be called a high bun. A high bun must be sitting on the top of your head or in the crown to achieve the right look. But the expert says that the best way to do it is to angle up diagonally from your chin to the back of your head. “Placing the bun in this specific spot will instantly elongate your face,” ensured the stylist.

Loop it into a Nub

  • This works on longer hair so girls, be cautious. This is a trick that would make your bun have that identifiable height. You just have to tie your hair halfway on the last loop of your ponytail using elastic. It will secure it in place. It will make a mini nub of hair and you should be able to leave everything as it is.

Pull Out Pieces of Hair

  • This works better to those who have bangs that they like to rock especially when it’s the ones just like Kendall. The stylist said that pulling out hair is making your bun look undone and I ruins what this style is all about. “The moment you secure the bun with pins, you can’t start pulling pieces out, otherwise you ruin the style,” elaborated Angela.

Wrap It

  • Just like a bun, you have to wrap it. You go and make do of the rest of the hair that we left off earlier and make sure that it will not be making the ‘porcupine effect’ that the stylist says. It’s the effect that when we loop the bun, it starts spiking out of the bun and it is best avoided by spritzing dry shampoo.

Where you pin it

  • Normal people pin their buns on the top of their head, but that makes it easier to see and is vulnerable. The best way that the stylist suggest is to pin vertically towards the bun starting at any comfortable zone.