What’s Inside Interior Design Guru Shaynna Blaze’s House?

Design Guru’s home is of personal aspects and it’s astonishing…

Design is a very complex thing despite the fact that many people design a lot of stuff. Its complex since its not an easy thing to achieve and sometimes, even if you try, some won’t really see what you did as an aesthetically beautiful piece. But that vary on opinion. There a lot of styles out there that can might as well be a good foundation as to what someone is thinking about. Despite all that, there are also a lot of different styles that are trending and with the number of people who want to use it as their basis, it is surely not enough. And as for the Interior Design Guru, Shaynna Blaze, she thinks that people should be able to make designs more unique by applying their personal tastes. It’s always not easy for some since some are having trouble expressing themselves or some are having trouble figuring out what they want. But the real deal is not about that, but rather to just put everything that you want and the pieces that you love into your space. It makes a lot of difference and it makes the place more you.

Anyway, The Daily Telegraph was able to get a peak of the Interior Designer’s house. It was a mixture of eclectic taste, but what’s very prominent is that the home located in the Melbourne suburb of Hawthorn is an elegant classic. It’s modern but also has the touch of classic. And, as what she is preaching, she has incorporated the things that she likes and things that are important for her. The fact that she did that made the place look more like a welcoming home. She also said that she have a lot of different collection inside her rooms but what she did say to have is a gigantic cherry wood table that took her a decade to get.

She also repainted it black to achieve that gorgeous classical modern look. She also have a very beautiful piece of aqua horse statue that she claims to be making some good compliments on her home and making it much more classic and edgy.

“My dad used to play cricket and he was the wicket keeper,” she explains. “He had this old round, silver counter — a clicker to keep track of the bowls. When he died, I found it among his things and kept it. It’s a special reminder of him. I’ve got it placed on an art deco stand in my bedroom. When I walk in, I see it — it’s not for show, it’s private. That’s how I like it.” So that makes it her most prized possession that no one will ever be taking away from her.

She was also commissioned to design a new range of lamp design for a lighting company and had been able to go to different places such as Mila, Venice, and New York to take a look and open up some inspiration. But she was with a tight deadline of up until the iconic Atlanta Trade Fair.