McDonald’s McCafe Is Going Solo In Canada

McCafe is solo, but what’s on their menu???

Not all love the McCafe brew but they are definitely a competitive one. They are competitive enough to put a fight and try to crash head on to some of the biggest coffee chains available all over the world. But they are not trying to get to mass expand just yet. They are still experimenting on it and are making its way into urban areas in Canada. But who would have thought that the McCafe will be going solo? Anyway, the fast food chain has been having a lot of competitors especially when coffee shops are getting famous by the months and their regular customers have been taken away. The fast food stuff is good and it is surely a great idea to put up a solo shop for coffee purposes only.

Anyway, who was behind all this, and why is it only happening only in Canada? Well, as we have said, the consumers are picky and the time is running. We don’t always just stick to one food every day, and so our tastes differ as time passes by. The McDonalds group was lucky to keep the records of the fastest growing fast food chain in the world, but that was back then. The time today needs another idea and that means that the old stuff is getting left behind especially if they don’t do anything about it.

And this called for new tactics that the company must do. And as we have probably eaten, McDonalds have already released a ton of new things on their menu, but it seems like in Canada, the market is still going low. So to battle the cold climate, McDonalds CEO and President John Betts decided to make a solo shop for the McCafe. It sounds like a good idea, but where should he put it. Well, we think that that is no question anymore since a McCafe shop is already open in Toronto’s Union station. It needed just a little bit of space to stock things up and put up chairs here and there and that’s it! It doesn’t need any more than that. Well, not as John Betts think so.

The shop in Toronto was small all because it was in a city. They needed to get things going so they have to put a shop in a very urbanized location that will attract a lot of customers. In this case, it was a great idea since commuters are most likely cold and dizzy from the ride. The shop is also said to be putting a small amount of McDonalds menu since its not the fast food one. The only things available are the all day breakfast menu and some croissants, pastries and salads that will be a good match for all those coffee. Its also just been being developed and the store is new. There are a lot of things that might be able to improve and there are also loads of things that they probably haven’t tackled that people still needed. But, all will happen in good time.