Funny Elf on the Shelf Photos When Parents Go Too Far

Elf on the shelf is trending this season and we are getting to the bottom of it…

Elf on the shelf is a nice toy that even adults can play. And all have been having fun with thinking of different stuff that can surprise the children who are sound asleep up in their bedrooms. The look on kids’ faces as they see what naughty things these mischievous elves were up to all night, are definitely priceless. But as kids’ starts growing up and adults are getting bored of pleasing their children, they take the Elf in the Shelf, a little more adult and definitely not for the minds of innocent children. Anyway, we all have that urge to play with the naughty Elf in the Shelf with our partners and we are always held back by the fact that the children might see those naughty things and they will start copying them or something like that.

But as time passes, people must have thought that it’s alright to play for a little while until your wife is still awake. It gets you to have little time, yes, but it will also be a much safer tactic than doing your stuff in the night while she was asleep. Because with that tactic, you and your wife will be waking up, pretty much at the same time as your kids. So it’s definitely not a good idea. There is a high chance that your kids will be seeing it first. So, the trick is that you play with your partner and she or he will join you have fun and think of funny stuff. We bet that we are not the only ones who thought about this, since, well, the adult edition of the Elf in the shelf is all over the internet. We don’t mind, sure they are very funny and we definitely like to laugh, but we should always be careful with the children that might also not be asleep just yet.

There have been loads of photos in Instagram and in Twitter about all those funny Elf in the Shelf ideas that are specifically for adults only and there are so many, you would actually gain inspiration to several photos. And since it has been the season were elves are starting to play around, and then parents are starting too as well. Many have their own ways and many parents choose to play for themselves first before they ever leave those Elves as to what position they are really going to be for their children. Be it provocative, drugs and alcohol, you name it. People have thought of it and its looks fun to join in the fun. It’s not too late since December has just started. You just have to be creative.

Anyway, it’s fun to play, we all know that, so even parents are still allowed to play, but we should also be responsible about this people. We are adults so be sure not to leave those Elves being naughty and let you kids see. But