Duchess Kate Gets a Haircut, Wears Princess Diana’s Favorite Tiara

The duchess of Cambridge is seen wearing the famous tiara!

We all know Kate right? Yeah, that girl who has managed to snag herself a prince? Yeah. And not only that, she is also quite a hottie and we are very much amazed of her elegance and pretty much everything about her. And, you definitely have to admit that not all girls can manage to snag her a prince. So anyway, not all are aware, but there are dress codes and stuff that princesses should know and learn to go with. It may be out of their way, but being conservative is what they really need to be, especially when they are known to be a Royal. Royalty is royalty and even if we don’t say anything as an adjective to describe the word Royalty, everybody gets it.

Anyway, it’s not every day you see a princess wear that famous tiara. And we are pretty much sure that you’re here just to have a look at that tiara and how good it is on the duchess. But in spite of that, that tiara is famous for its roots. It has been very old and has been passed on from a different country other than the Buckingham Palace in London.

It all first came to be when the infamous tiara has always been worn by Princess Diana. But that tiara, which is also known as the Cambridge lover’s knot is not from Princess Diana herself, rather, it was commissioned by Queen Mary that was based on a tiara that once belonged to her grandmother, Princess Augusta of Hesse, the Duchess of Cambridge. It was then given as a wedding gift to Queen Elizabeth II and wore it regularly, but found other tiaras as her favorite.

It was then lent to the ones that we all know, Princess Diana and we have seen her wear it in so many occasions. Although the tiara was loaned to her, she found it a bit uncomfortable and has chosen to wear the ones with almost the same design, the ones that belongs to her family. And as it was not hers, the tiara continued to be part of the Queen’s stash of jewelries. And as we have seen in this picture, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge is wearing the infamous Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara in an annual diplomatic reception at the Buckingham Palace. This is such a way to tell people that “I am the Princes Catherine”, that we already know.

We all know that the tiara truly suits her since she has come from Cambridge and she and the tiara are probably meant to be. But that is not the only thing we’re talking about here. She has also cut her hair. Instead of living with those long locks, she chose to cut it in shoulder length but she still retained those signature side swept bangs. It’s definitely so Kate and we love it. And seeing her recover after delivery and straddling on that familiar LK Bennett peplum suit, she is definitely setting up a new pace for her new life.