Check Out 15 Of The Most Shocking Images Of WWII

It’s been decades since World War II had happened, and yet what happened those decades ago, those 6 years of terror, changed the lives of everyone who survived it, forever. It was when millions of lives, even billions, were taken away. Countries suffered grave casualties, monuments and homes were destroyed, and everyone around the world fell under it. Many things have happened in those 6 years, and there have been photographers who managed to capture it all on camera. Their photos now serve as a living reminder of what had happened in the past, and also a reminder for everyone not to let it happen again. War is never a good thing, is never a good answer, but unfortunately it tends to be the only answer at times.

1. A Dead German Soldier

World War II saw countries divided into two groups; the Axis Powers and the Allied Forces. Germany became somewhat the headquarters as Hitler resided there, and it was then everyone, except for Germany’s allies, saw them as the enemies. This is a photo of a German soldier who died while in battle. Sometimes, we wonder what goes through a soldier’s head, especially when they are fighting by the side of the oppressor. They might think that they are fighting for the right cause, but we’re sure that there are some, a small number of people, who are against it but have no choice.