After Learning about Homelessness, This 3-Year-Old Was Moved To Tears

No one will be showing how crushed they are for certain news, but this boy definitely bursts to tears…

The holidays are coming in, and along with it is the cold weather. It’s inevitable, but there are still homeless people roaming around. Some people would help and have compassion, but there will be no greater reaction that what this little boy showed us. He is an innocent 3 year-old Alaskan boy named Patrick McClung, and his heart was shattered when he heard his mom and a friend talk about homeless people. He then found out what the homeless usually do, and that is what he was crying about. People will usually feel a tinge for those homeless people, but this poor boy cried his heart out. Sobbing, he said that “I don’t want them to sleep on a piece of cardboard”. He was clearly stricken and his mom couldn’t really stop his tears.

But, not all hopes are lost. His mom soon explained to him that he can still do something about it by donating goods for them and with that, they won’t be cold and won’t be sleeping in cardboard boxes with snow. The boy was concerned, but he soon became passionate about helping homeless that he started to collect donations. He was happy that he’s helping and his reaction about the homeless people must also be an example for some adults that doesn’t pay attention and address these kinds of problems.

Soon, with all of the boxes that he spread around their neighborhood, they have gathered seven garbage bags of coats, blankets, hats, socks, toiletries and other stuff that will help the homeless this Holidays. Patrick is hoping to get more and he has been successful doing so within just a few weeks. “It’s for all the people, and they don’t have homes,” Patrick told to a local TV station, showing off the items that are being stored under the family’s Christmas tree. “And they’re very cold.” He’s such a good kid, and if all people are like this, then we will probably be living peacefully.

He was also happy and was telling stories of how he got some money to donate. He told that “We traded, I gave him my train and he gave me money”, referring to a friend. He is not just a man with a big heart, but he was also getting smart in the process. Not many kids will share their toys and stuff, but few kids will still go out of their way to help people in need. This is also not the first story about this issue, but seeing all those kids work on their own to help the needy, then it is certainly inspiring enough and we might as well help them. He’s clearly happy receiving all of the donations that he get to give, and may more kids be like him, and we will certainly support him. Even if he didn’t cried so much, he will still be needing help. It might also be a wonderful thing if this trait will not waver in the future.