Men do not like funny women, or do they?

Women are curious, but do men like funny women or what?

Certainly, this is being an issue of a slight feminism in some part. But whatever the reason behind the article of The Atlantic entitled, The Plight of the Funny Female. It will definitely catch your eye, but this is an article wherein it stated that funny women are not really well regarded by men and was backed up by a lot of studies regarding the issue. We certainly think that they may have been proving a point, but a point where it is biased to the male population. Not all agree and a lot of women were saddened to hear about of this article, but the main point of this is that the women are funny, but the male does not accept. So why did the argument ended up like that? And naturally, the article received a lot of feedbacks good and bad.

And there is this man, Simon Pegg, which certainly does not agree with what the article has provided him. Instead of being bummed about it, he became certainly pissed for the reason that he, himself admits that he likes funny women. He had told GLAMOUR what he really felt with the article and it seems that he thinks that whoever were the men the article was talking about, it’s certainly someone who is insecure and does not keep an open mind. He also said that it may have also been because “Wit is an indication of intelligence and intelligence is a threat to elitism.” He also stated that the male is just not open to new things because, back in the 80’s ‘female comedy’ was born and with it comes jokes about the things that women feel. Then came in jokes about the feminine side of women that, clearly, men do not understand. Women usually joke about their menstrual cycles and such and most men don’t think that it’s funny.

Simon admitted that he also do not see those kinds of jokes as funny, but he thinks that “finding humor in the experience is a necessity and a key to democratizing this nascent comic voice.” So he definitely thinks that its normal. Men might not laugh, but women will be laughing so hard, they wont be able to breathe. He also thinks that “laughing in the face of adversity is a means of dismantling fear and stigma.”

“I’ll give mention to the female that makes me laugh most profoundly and consistently, my daughter. At six years old, she has ‘it’, whatever ‘it’ is. Not just saying and doing the things that children do but knowing what makes me laugh, knowing how to send me into fits of giggles, when I’m trying to be serious or strict. I hope she has it forever, I hope nobody ever tells her that it’s wrong or makes her feel like she shouldn’t. And I would hope that time has passed.

Funny women of the world unite and take over. The world will be better for it.”

Well, certainly agree since we’re a fan of the female community, and there will always be a place for women in this world even if some will disagree.