‘Funny dad’ Becks Embarrasses Son on Social Media

It’s funny enough when parents owns their kids in Social Media, but Beck’s is unexpected…

Whoever person are you, you definitely had parents because you’re here. If not, then that’s already impossible. But let’s all admit it, we have been owned by our parents more than once and more than we wanted to be. And let’s just say that we have been feeling the same towards being embarrassed in public, but we still loved our parents nonetheless. But, apparently, people are still people and parents are still parents. Although there may be some who doesn’t really own their kids on purpose, but there will still be those parents that will try and own you. And who knew that the former football player of Manchester United has this hobby of owning his children? Well, its his children anyway, so what are we doing here?

That is such a tough question, but really, we just want to make fun of how David Beckham is owning his son, Brooklyn Beckham. They’re nice guys (and handsome), but seriously, we’re not really sure if David is just having fun teasing him, or he’s just seriously unaware of it. Anyway, Brooklyn posted a photo in Instagram the other day and being a model, he had a great quality photo with a caption, “Rocking the old school Ralph Lauren”. But that’s not really the problem here, apparently, the 16-year old was wearing something that was not his, or so David claims. After noticing the photo, David commented on his photo stating that “that’s my jumper”. Oh no. That is such a disaster. We wouldn’t want our parents tell anyone that we’re wearing borrowed clothes or hand-me-downs from them, right?

Especially when you even stated that you were rocking those nice clothes. Good grief, why did Becks do that? That was super embarrassing. But apparently, the damage has been done and thus, this story is circulating on the web.

But this wasn’t the first time that David embarrassed his son in Social Media. Once upon a time, he was scrolling down on his followers in social media and noticed that he’s got many followers that were over 52 Million. He seems happy about it, and started to check his family’s accounts, but well, apparently, he and his wife were the most popular with a lot of followers and his kids doesn’t have as much as his, and naturally, that was because they were just starting in the industry, but well, David must have been bored, because he eventually made fun of his son, Brooklyn and claimed that he has notched up followers of over 52 Million and his just had 1 Million.

So, okay, that was funny, but what a pain in the ass. We totally understand what Brooklyn felt, because once upon a time, we were once owned in very different ways and probably much more embarrassing ways.

But even if they do that, we still love them and give them hugs anyway. Because seriously, what would we really do without them? If anything, we should thank them, right? Even when we got embarrassed.