Are you sure your jokes are funny enough?

How can we be sure that our joke can elicit laughs for people?

Have you ever had a joke that no one laughed at? Well, people aren’t perfect, and we have been feeling the same thing (although not all the time). Jokes and being funny have been linked to being intelligent, but seriously, there are far more things that can affect our IQs and that sometimes, it depend on the person’s environment, and it affects much of our performances. But there is certainly some things that we need to know on how our brain works. We need to understand a lot of things, especially when you are a brainiac, in order to construct a great joke and to let people perceive it as funny. Not all jokes are funny, right?

It’s all because that we usually put in a lot of details in a punch line that sometimes, it goes in all directions before going to the real punch line and thus, people do not get your joke. It’s not just that, because new research suggests that people think jokes are funny most especially when it stays in one lane. So we get it, we usually do not keep on track, but there is also these rules regarding jokes that might as well trick our brain that it’s funny.

Okay, this may be starting to sound nerdy, but I bet you will actually need to know this especially when you want to get noticed by your crush. Anyway, consider that the brain can take up to a 5 lane road of complexity (that is just metaphor), and jokes usually goes up to only one lane, since its got to be simple. And the simpler it is, the more people will get it, and the more it will be able to elicit laughs. Anyway, jokes can also be complex, on which in this case can only take up to a three lane, but also has to go back to the first lane. Any more than that can also be considered funny, but not as funny as jokes can be. It’s because that the rain is complex, but it definitely has limits.

So, if you want to joke and make people laugh, the best way is to keep it simple, you will never really go wrong with the simple one liners, and if you ever want to expand, just try on putting up the ‘two-lane’ style instead of the ‘three-lane’ since its much more simpler, yet a bit more complex. And you may or may not agree with the study that funny people have higher IQs, then you might as well join the fun of joking around, and have the chance of getting your crush to notice you. Guys will probably take much benefit from this, but whatever. Humans are amazing creatures, and we know that we’re awesome, right? Increasing the complexity of the joke is not well regarded and you might also risk getting bad looks, but hey, at least you now know how to put up a joke.