Motorcycle riders rev up to deliver Christmas presents in Tasmania’s biggest ever charity toy run

These motorcyclists, even if they don’t look like it, have very big hearts…

So, what exactly is it that we are fussing about? And why does that road have a bunch of motorcycles? Well, now, now, every question will be answered in no time at all. But before that, a quick question. What happens when our Christmas’s do not happen as we planned it to be? It’s such an easy answer to such an easy question. And there is no doubt that we will all be sad. We have been expecting gifts and card and greetings, but many of the people in the world don’t receive any gifts and cards. Mostly just receive a good greeting from all of their relatives. Why? All because they can’t afford it. And we all know that kids are always looking forward for Christmas and some parents will always live up to the kids’ expectation, but in some places, it really is not the case.

Whether you believe in God or not, Christmas will always be a happy day for children. And with that in mind, Tasmania has made an annual toy charity where donors will be bringing in toys to give for charity to be able to help the parents choose the toys that they want to give their children. It’s nothing much, but it will surely give smiles to everyone, especially in Christmas day. Nothing can beat the happiness that you will feel when you help people. Especially in the Christmas season, everyone is supposed to be happy, so why not give toys and be Santa for the children?

So this is an annual toy charity that the Salvation Army has taken in place. It features motorcyclists to parade starting from the Derwent Entertainment center to Parliament House. It was also such a successful even with motorcyclists having reached a number of approximately 7,000 and it was still unsure what the exact numbers are. All they know is that Tasmania people will be having lots of toys that they will give to children who cannot afford. It was also nice to know that scary looking men riding motorcycles and wearing leather jackets were the ones who brought those gifts while they were riding.

If that wasn’t funny, then I’ll be guessing that I have to add that some motorcyclists chose to wear costumes while on the parade. And although it looked like a horde of bad guys accompanied by the police, they were actually there for a good cause. It’s cute that they will actually go out of their comfort zone, and if you think about it, it’s quite ironic.

Generosity is a gift that we an always give to anyone in need. It’s the cheapest one we have and it will definitely be making lots of people happy and it will create a lot of good memories with different people. And if you’re not happy with what I just said, then you better check yourself if you’re ever missing your heart in your chest. Because right now, this is the season where everyone needs to be happy and it will hurt without doing anything about it.