Matthew Jackson paid for woman’s groceries before he died in a car crash

This guy is definitely a Good Samaritan and will be making a legend even if he doesn’t want to…

People are good in nature but people don’t always use that trait in their everyday lives. Well, maybe they are, but only to family members, friends, acquaintances, but never on a stranger. You rarely see a stranger help another stranger. Sometimes, it’s always because that they are acquaintances. But this guys, was definitely raised right by his parents and was guided by God, as he graduated in Valley Christian High School. Assuming that he wasn’t a Christian, he was still kind enough to help a stranger mom who was having a bad day with her two kids.

Jamie-Lynne Knighten of Carlsbad, California met Matthew Jackson at a San Diego Trader Joe’s on November 11. A mother with two children with her, she is clearly having a bad day and was topped off with her 5-month old son crying on her arms. It must have been terrible. She then decided to go to the grocery and when she proceeded to the counter, she found out that her credit card got rejected, and it was such a bad day already.

It was then that Matthew insisted on ‘paying it forward’ and of course, Jamie-Lynne refused but thought better of it. “I came to realize how much it would mean to him if I humbly accepted. So I did,” Knighten wrote on her Facebook. “And this complete stranger paid over $200 for my groceries. Thanking him endlessly through my tears, I asked his name and where he worked before parting ways.”

It was such a nice thing to for a lady who was having enough of the bad day right? She was probably grateful of the act of the kind man. She then proceeded and asked his name and where he works to thank him. And it was such a wonderful story, and who knew that it would be ending in such a terrible ending for this young man.

Matthew died right after the incident with Jamie, on the same day, November 11. It was when Jamie-Lynne called his employer that she knew that Matthew had died in an accident the night of November 11. It was such a sad ending that Jamie-Lynne is now encouraging people to ‘pay it forward’ in tribute for Matthew Jackson’s memory. It was such a kind act, and it was such an unexpected thing for him to be taken away from his loved ones. And although it is sad, we wish that he as happy that he has paid it forward to someone else. And that someone is living happily and is also paying it forward.

Small things can result to big changes in someone else’s life. Let’s all learn together what everyone’s value really is and that we should learn to share what we have to others. And just like Matthew, we might as well make sure that we have done something beautiful before we are ever taken away from this world.