Selfie of so-called terrorist presents a clear picture of prejudice and fear

This man has received many things that he was not supposed to receive all from his fellow human beings…

Islamophobia, which wasn’t even a word before the Paris attacks, are now getting common in the United States. So what is it really about? Basically that is just racism made into a phobia that people are having right now, and it’s not doing anyone good. We say that racism towards black people and feminism are supposed to go out, but what about the up and coming Brown racisms? Basically, anyone who doesn’t look white will be judged.

And it’s not doing anything to make the US a better place. We disagree to racism, but I bet that most of the people who claim that they are not racist are Islamophobic. One viral photo of this guy has sent him things that he didn’t deserve. Apparently, his bathroom selfie was Photoshopped by someone and was then posted in social media with nothing but bad comments. Whoever did that probably didn’t know this guy who is named Veerender Jubbal. Everyone was alarmed when that post went viral and the caption claims that he was one of the terrorists who attacked in Paris. Which is not true, and lots of things can prove that to you just by looking at the unedited photo.

An example is that the main thing in the second photo is that the Quran doesn’t take selfies. Come on, people. You’re not that dumb. And although this photo was even tweeted and many news sites wrote about this guy, they were all wrong. He wasn’t a Muslim, but a Sikh who is very much different from a Muslim. With wearing a suicidal vest, people were alarmed and jumped to conclusions. They were taken for a stupid group of people.

Racism doesn’t do anyone good. And it doesn’t mean that even when white people are among all of the many races available in the world, still they are not the greatest and they will not be on top of the food chain all of it because we, whatever race we are, are all human. We are not like the other animals who will keep on killing each other just to have that top spot in our rankings. And yes, we do have rankings, buts it’s not based on our races. We have been made to be unique, and to help each other, not fight each other.

In LA Times, it was said that apparently, the Islamophobia started ever since the 9/11. That the American’s Idea of a terrorist is a Muslim, and a Muslim, for them is a code term for ‘Brown’. Muslim is not a race, and Muslim is people from the religion called Islam. There is a big difference and people must know that.

Those brown people are having a hard time just because that white people are alarmed of the Brown people who in their eyes look like Muslims. And this just proved of how much people’s minds are closed to new information, and the small jokes were being put into actions. And although the Nation is scared, the Politicians must also put it together and open their eyes. People should be open-minded and must be open for anything that comes. We are not animals. we are in the top of the food chain because we are intelligent beings. Let’s put that intelligence into use.