15 Pics That Prove Humans Are The Dumbest Species Alive

There are a few types of smart. There’s book-smart; you know, the ones who pass all their tests, the honor students and the ones with high IQs. There’s also the street-smart; they know where to go, what to avoid, they know their way around places and they know how to get through or avoid the most dangerous of places. There are the wise; the ones who know from experience. But in this case, we’re not talking about any of them. It’s amazing how when there are the smartest people around, there are also people who are just plain dumb. They are lacking quite a lot, especially in the common sense department. So, the next time you ever feel useless and dumb, remember that these people may have it worse. Worse than what Hollywood can create, really. These people make the rest of us feel like geniuses at this rate.

1. An Eye-Opener

Someone needs to go back to school to learn a lesson on the human body. Or someone just needs to sober up because they sound high. Either way, common sense, the person has none. It makes you wonder if they were aware they could see what they were posting on facebook. The lesson? Think it over before you post. Whoever liked that post was probably liking it for the laughs.