This Little boy donates his piggy bank to vandalized mosque

This little boy is what we all should be after the Paris attacks…

People are scared, injured and some fell as victims to the ISIS terror attacks in Paris, France. The ISIS is a group that terrorizes countries, and you have probably heard about it a lot of times now, but the actions made by them resulted to hate and confusion to most people that are not part of their religion. But non Muslim people are not the only one who is affected by hate made by the ISIS, Muslim people who are not part of the group is being threatened and attacked by people. Not everyone can agree, but some of these Muslims are actually just faithful to their religion and does not do any other acts that may result to crime.

Those people don’t deserve to be treated like the rest of the groups. Given that the members of the ISIS are mostly kept secret, the mob should still be careful and know who and what kind of Muslim they should trust.

This little boy named Jack, from Austin, Texas has heard that the Mosque in their area has been vandalize and desecrated. The Mosque was made horrible with feces smeared on their sidewalk and pages of the Quran, their Holy Book, are torn to pieces. It’s disgusting to even think about it, and these people are just normal people with faith. As soon as jack heard the new, he immediately opened his piggy bank and has managed to scrape an amount of $20. He immediately went to the Mosque to personally give them his donation to the board member of the Islamic Center, Faisal Naeem.

Yes, I wasn’t much but it’s what the little boy has. He, as a person, does not care whether it’s another religion or they believe in something that he’s not familiar of, he just wanted to help. This then resulted to Naeem and Jack and Laura Swanson to talk about churches and their faith. The boy had been brave to take initiative to what most people will think, insane.

His mother, Laura also said that children should be involved in stuff like this in order for them to know what the important stuff really mean. That maybe, it’s not important to you, but it will be important to other people. And with his help, the Islamic Center of Pflugerville will be forever in awe for his donation. It may be small, but collecting all he had is enough to make someone else’s faith grow.

Naeem said that, “It’s 20 bucks, but coming from Jack collecting his pennies, it’s worth 20 million bucks to me and to our community,” Small things matter to those who have the eyes to see what importance it did to them. And for Naeem and the rest of the Muslims in their community, it’s a help that will do wonders. “This gives me hope, because this means it’s not one versus the other,” this is what we should be doing. To be like jack and to let the children lead us. You might say that they don’t have the knowledge that grownups have, but maybe, it’s the knowledge of many things that may have been making us a lot more vulnerable than what we really think.