This guy Just posted a video of a leaf raking trick that clears lawn in seconds

This guy definitely made a very helpful thing of sharing this video…

With autumn right on our faces and winter just around the corner, we just can’t help but wear thick clothing with what seems to be a really cold day. When the hot summer air is replaced by cool nights, that’s when you know that fall is coming. And of course, you had to give a lot, and I mean a lot of credit to the leaves. Fall is really not fall when you don’t see those beautiful leaves that changes its colors. It’s very beautiful especially when seen in a beautiful landscape. And it’s also fun to play in the dry falling leaves of trees. Everything is filled with vibrant colors that says, be happy. Well, of course you will be happy seeing that beautiful leaves trickling down the trees, but there is just this catch. Yes, it’s the leaves.

Those beautiful leaves that are fun to play with, those leaves that leaves those vibrant colors, well, they can get annoying. Especially when you’re an old lady who can’t even stand and the sight of those leaves just makes you cringe. Why? Adult will understand. It’s because stacking those leaves is actually back breaking work. Yeah, and people always try to make their lawn as clear as they can manage unless they want their house to look like it’s uninhabited. It takes hours and with the different elements outside, you wouldn’t really want to do it. But this guy here just saved your day.

I know that it sounds like I’m trying to make convince you to buy something, but I really am not. I’m just saying that this guy saved our asses. With that giant cardboard, backbreaking work is no more. Or maybe just a little, it depends on your yard. He is using this amazing thing called a cardboard to scrape the leaves off his yard.

Whoever didn’t think of this, and that includes you, is probably wondering why haven’t you thought of this? But he why is really just a question that you really can’t answer. And it’s all because you really haven’t thought of it.

This guy is an Indiana homeowner who has been able to share his trick to the world. The video that he did actually made 9 million views! Well, I wouldn’t be wondering if everyone in my town is doing that now. This is just clever since the length of that cardboard actually helps to tackle more space than a regular rake, or a messy leaf blower. If they actually make a wooden handle for that huge cardboard, I bet that it would actually sell.

Use wood or anything light that have a wide span does the trick too. You just have to be creative with the materials. And don’t think of using metal unless you’re a muscle head. This is definitely a useful thing that Brian Shreves showed us. We owe him this idea, and so he deserves the credit.