This Mom’s Vaccination Message Will Surely Convince You to Vaccinate your Kids

Every mom is ever so concerned to her children and that also means that she would do anything for them

We know our mother, and we know that she just ant resist us even when we are a handful. Who do you think was having the most patience between your mom and dad whenever you get so annoying back when you are a baby? And yes, it’s the mother. We all know that our mothers took us in her belly and risked her life to put us out of this world, and to raise us as to what we are now. Our mothers always did the best she could. And well, as most mothers, Rebecca Harreman, a mom in Brisbane, Australia, has been struggling on looking for her child. Doesn’t complain much but she do want other mothers and parents to know what a certain choice they made might affect their precious baby.

Rebecca posted a video in her Facebook account that shows her poor 4-month old baby boy was suffering from whooping coughs (Pertussis). The baby boy was having cough fits repeatedly and the poor baby got his eyes red and a runny nose. Any mother who is seeing that video will get heartbroken. Seeing a newborn baby trying to fight his coughing and to try to breath! Rebecca also said that she has been in duty for 3 straight weeks and is trying to wake up every single time her baby starts coughing. It’s very understandable because the coughing fits might end the baby’s life. The baby had once been vaccinated and with that, it’s believed that the baby will overcome its illness.

But that post was not meant for everyone to see what she is going through. It’s to raise awareness for every parent to have their children vaccinated. She was inspired to make that video in order to let the world know. She said that, “There is no real way to treat it. You can only try and get some oxygen in them. That is if they breathe it in, and they have to do that all on their own,” she says. “Imagine that in a tiny newborn baby. Can you imagine?!”

Of course this doesn’t only have a ton of support but a lot of disagreement from a lot of people. But the only thing that can make it count is to decide on our own. She said along with the video that, “I don’t care whether you want to try and prove to me that vaccinations and herd immunities don’t work. I don’t care that vaccinations have side effects, because every person in this world reacts differently to all types of food, products and medicines. I could not care less, even if it is ever proven one day that they don’t work,” she writes. “You know why? Because at least at the end of the day I tried to do something to prevent this and not sit there and say ‘oh well, vaccinations don’t work so I’ll just sit here and do nothing’… because doing nothing goes against every cell in my body as a mother. Doing nothing is just wrong.”