This Father’s Talk With Son About Paris Terror Attack is Truly Inspiring

This father reassured his son that everything is alright and the flowers are there to protect

What do you really tell a child when bombing and explosions threaten their innocence. That along with the bombings and the explosions, were the lives of innocent people are being put to an end? Its not a pretty scene to look at, but those around the area are forced to face this tragedy head on. That they have to steel themselves and they had to face it right away and start doing something. But children will never be much more confused as to why people do this to other people. Children are taught to respect, love and care for others. It’s a heart-wrenching thing to see someone so confused.

This video of a father reassuring his son about the tragedy was truly touching. It’s hard to take on the situation of the father, but he has done the right thing. That he should protect his child’s innocence. The father, who is later identified as Angel Le, tried to explain the floral tribute that they did outside of the Bataclan theatre, explaining that those flowers will protect them. Although this was not the best explanation for the situation, it’s enough to give a child hope that they are going to be safe and will be protected.

Here is the interview in full:

Journalist: Do you understand what’s happened? Do you understand why these people have done this?

Boy:   Yes, because they are very, very, very bad. Bad people aren’t very nice. And you have to be very careful because you need to move house.

Father: No, don’t worry, we don’t have to move. France is our home.

Boy: But what about the baddies, Dad?

Father: There are baddies everywhere. There are bad guys everywhere.

Boy: They’ve got guns. They can shoot us because they’re very, very bad, Daddy.

Father: They’ve got guns but we have flowers.

Boy: But flowers don’t do anything. They’re for… they’re for… they’re for…

Father: Look, everyone is laying flowers here.

Boy: Yes.

Father: It’s to fight against the guns.

Boy: Is it for protection?

Father: That’s right.

Boy: And the candles too?

Father: They’re so we don’t forget the people who have gone.

Boy: Oh. The flowers and candles are there to protect us?

Father: Yes.

Journalist: Do you feel better now?

Boy: Yes, I feel better.


It just explains how much parents do for their young ones. The Paris attacks were a threat for the French, but the country must not lose hope. Children are in much more danger than adults ever will. And if the children start to have a little hope and a change of heart toward their country, their parents can only do what is right and teach them the good things that they must do. It has not been an easy task, even in the earlier years, but with a little push, the children of tomorrow might as well be better than the children of our generation.