This 11-year-old’s letter to Santa to cure mom’s illness will leave you in tears

This 11-year-old girl has been suffering from seeing her mom fight for her illness and what she did brought many people to tears

When our loved ones are sick or not feeling well, we normally fret and worry for them all the time. It’s a normal thing since, we are people and we know how to care and love each other. We also give more care and love than what we usually give and we also make more time to them. That was what we do when someone who is not-so important to you gets sick. But when your mom or dad gets sick, you normally feel this kind of dread that they might leave you right then and there. But it’s always not the case.

For 11-year-old Bobby-Mae Chalk, it’s a dreadful thing that her mom, 31 year old Debby Chalk, was sick with a very painful disease called the Crohn’s Disease, a painful for of inflammatory disease (IBD). It makes someone to have an abdominal pain, diarrhea, and blood in the stool, mouth sores and reduced appetite among other symptom. Seeing someone having to swallow the pain of this condition must have hurt the little girl’s feelings. With her mom suffering, she is suffering too. But with an age as her, she can’t possibly do anything about her mom but pray and wish for her to get well. She must have tried to wish from anything that can be wished upon, and this also includes Santa.

The poor girl just wanted to help her mom to at least relieve her of the pain that she gets. Seeing your mother struggle is the worst thing that a child can see. Our mothers are the sole person why we exist, sure our father is too, but our mothers have had a much tougher struggle than the man of the family.

The letter reads as:

“Dear Santa,

Please if you can make mu mum’s (sic) life better and make her not feel ill all the time, I would really appreciate it.


Make her life more and more better, it hurts to watch her suffer, so please make it better.

If I had one wish in the whole world it would be to help”

Psychology has it that whenever your loved ones are hurt, you also get hurt. It’s not because you pity them, it’s because that you love them so much that you actually feel the same pain. It must be the case with this little one. As she sees her mother struggling but was still fighting and trying to put on a brave face, she has been sharing some of the pain that her mother have. Christmas is near and these kids were hoping to make things much merrier. It might also be nice to have hope and for Santa to make this little girl’s wonderful wish come true. Besides, it looks like she has been a good girl all year round. She definitely deserves to have her wish come true.