James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe decided to go bald after filming ‘Victor Frankenstein’

James and Daniel are definitely making themselves look like twins with these Bald Heads

The pair of the up and coming movie ‘Victor Frankenstein’ are definitely not feeling the bad haircuts that they have while filming the movie. The movie was supposed to go around Igor Strausman who seemed to be troubled and deeply worried for his friend. And as with the trailer that was release in August, it seems like the movie will be a twisting maze of shouting and running. It also seemed like there will be its fair share of gory stuff that they seemed to have been playing with (and having fun at most). But that seemed to actually be the most interesting thing that is with this movie. That part where Victor Frankenstein made Igor to pull down the switch?

And those creepy eyes of the monster with Victor stating “it’s alive!” Blech, but with that out of the way, many think that the movie will turn out great unlike the other movie based in the same novel, I, Frankenstein, some say that this will create a very interesting twist of plot. It might seem like a very good reimagining of the famous author of Frankenstein, Mary Shelley. Directed by Paul McGuigan and a script written by Max Landis, it may be promising a very good effect and a good acting from the actors.

Well, as far as the fans are concerned, they have been itching to watch this movie that may seem to twist your mind. And on the other hand, James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe are promoting their movie and are stating tons of fun things that fans will love. According to them, they have been having fun filming the movie and is definitely having fun wrestling each other (since there are lots of action going on). Daniel said that he has been having way too much fun that whenever there is an action stunt, both don’t really mind to hurt each other.

He also said that they kept throwing each other around. Well that is a sweet tidbit that is making me itch to see the movie for myself. It definitely sounds fun. Daniel also added that he may have been the ‘most willing’ victim there since he lets James throw him around. It seems that the two definitely had a good time filming and the bald ‘do might be because they were supposed to grow their hair so much in Victor Frankenstein that they have seemed to hate it. But nah, that was not the case.

Daniel’s shaved head was a forced infliction upon him because of the movie he was filming, (Yeah, he have a bunch lined up to him) Imperium. It will be s production based on a true story of an FBI Agent Michael German that is trying to infiltrate a neo-Nazi to stop a production of a bomb. Now that also sounds like it’s also going to be fun to watch. This is definitely going to be a good year for both actors.